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There are so many shiny things you can buy!

You can't actually buy all these shiny things because you are broke…
ASGAB — All Security Guards Are Bustards
Митинги против пенсионной реформы

28, 29 июля. Против пенсионной реформы и поднятия НДС!




Firefox on SailfishOS

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I got #Firefox running on #SailfishOS using #XWayland !


Next stop: get working Firefox for #Wayland.
 from Diaspora
I assume you are quite happy with it so, would you say one thing that you enjoy a lot?
Easy root access. And I can tether Internet connection through VPN!
Also SailfishOS is based on Mer Linux distributions, so it's basically Linux and you can do your hacky Linux things with it ;-)
 from Diaspora
ah yeah! the freedom to hack is priceless
Can't upload a folder

!Hubzilla Support Forum
Hello. I tried to upload a folder by dragging it to file list in web interface but it uploaded all files without directory structure. Also it is unable to upload a folder by clicking "Upload" button.
The only way to upload a folder I found was mounting WebDav directory. But only after I changed path from "/dav" to "/dav/<username>" (it should be probably fixed in

Is Hubzilla currently lacking this feature? Using WebDav is not always convenient.
I do not think dropping folders on the web interface works, but as you know this is possible using a WebDAV client. :-)
I think Chrome let's you drag/drop folders but FF doesn't (or vice versa). In either case the server doesn't know it's a folder and has no way to find out and hence can't easily duplicate the file structure.
Seafood soup

Never tried to make seafood soup. It appeared to be very tasty. Just needs more spices :)
P. S. I used water instead of wine.
Seafood Soup
Salmon, shrimp and loads of chopped veggies make this chowder a hearty, herby meal-in-a-bowl. It's just the perfect homemade fish soup. —Valerie Bradley, Beaverton, Oregon

#food #cooking
Youtube is mildly nazi :D

#youtube #nazi
anonymissanonymiss wrote the following post Sat, 26 May 2018 17:52:15 +0300

Купила те самые стельки от знаменитой фабрики Лю Сян



 from Diaspora
Каждый вечер должны мыть ноги и переменить носки.

Сколько уже раз приходил вечер и всё-равно непонятно, где у него ноги? А переменить легко. Левый носок на правый )
I've updated @Nextcloud 📱☁️💻 recently. All events from my calendar disappeared. Very nice.
At least it left my files and contacts intact.
Митинг за свободный интернет




Now my Hubzilla hub has 1TB HDD for data storage!
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/root       915G  4,1G  864G   1% /
Wow... What are you planing?
I'm thinking about nextCloud :)
@Marzanna don't think. Ask KronoZ about it
Making dough with the help of mining rig

 from Diaspora
 from Diaspora
what are you mining?
Ethereum mainly.
Mediterranean avocado salad

Very tasty salad with grilled halloumi cheese. Soak onion in water to remove bitterness.
Simple Mediterranean Avocado Salad Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish


All-star Avocado Salad Recipe, prepared Mediterranean-style with cucumbers, tomatoes, and other Mediterranean favorites! Tossed in a zingy garlic vinaigrette with a generous pinch of za'atar. Add decadent grilled halloumi cheese in place for croutons, or leave it out for a vegan option. Vegetarian. Gluten Free.

#food #cooking
 from Diaspora
Nom! <3
@Skada This is how professionally prepared salad looks. My salad looks different but tasty ;)
@ivan zlax I use this cheese in shavarma!
 from Diaspora
смотрю и жрааать хочу! :D наверняка очень вкусно! ))